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Our Mission: Dedicated to transforming playground inspections and audits in Australia, Playground123 ensures safer play environments for children through accurate and efficient practices.

Playground123 is an innovative SaaS solution designed by industry experts. It empowers organisations and individuals to efficiently manage playground assets throughout their lifecycle. With real-time inspection capabilities, it reduces inspection time by 50%, lowering costs while ensuring compliance with Australian Standards.

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Compliance with Australian Standards

Every time there's a change in the standards, we diligently update our software to ensure compliance with Australian safety requirements for management, construction, maintenance, and auditing.

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Assets Management

Easy playground setup with geolocation. Easy equipment setup with photos, parameters and uploading relevant documentation capability. All the data is stored for easy future access, for the life of the asset.

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Injury Diagnosis and Prevention

Collect data about all your assets and every equipment type to conduct pre-diagnosis, forecast and prevent injuries.

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Custom Play Asset Inspections and Audits

Ensure thorough playground inspections by appropriately assigning them to your team members or trusted third-party specialists. Customise inspection forms based on the type of asset and equipment, ensuring effective documentation and evaluation.

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Asset Specific Injury Reporting

Efficiently record any injury incidents involving specific assets, such as equipment and soft fall areas. Enhance reports by including relevant photos and documents, while also monitoring the status of asset repair or replacement.

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Risk Management

An innovative risk management system, featuring a comprehensive risk matrix. Enhancing reporting, maintenance, and work scheduling to set the new standard in the inspection and auditing industry.

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Effortless Company Onboarding

Establish your organisation, invite team members, assign their roles, and configure permissions. No training is needed to begin inspecting your playground equipment.

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Budgeting and Finance (coming soon)

Our development team is working on this feature actively. Start using Playground123 now and be the first to try it.


Entire life of a playground in one place

By subscribing to Playground123, you get access to the web platform and mobile application to make efficient play equipment inspections, manage your assets smoothly and have all important data always at hand.

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Smart digital platform for the sports and leisure industry professionals

Whether you are the playground owner or auditor, our playground management system links you together to improve the quality of your inspections, reduce the time of report production and meet the Australian Safety Standards.

Playground Owners & Stakeholders

Ensure that your playgrounds are safe and compliant by collecting asset data to enhance the overall play experience for children and risk mitigation.

Auditors & Inspectors

Conduct digital playground equipment inspections and audits, identify problem areas and generate accurate reports that adhere to the Australian Standards.

Local Councils

Make sure that all risks are identified and addressed promptly to develop and implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

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small enterprise

$69/ month

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1 - 10 playgrounds

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Up to 70 assets

Medium enterprise

$249/ month

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10 - 50 playgrounds

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Up to 350 assets

large enterprise

$799/ month

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Over 50 playgrounds

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Unlimited assets


$200/ month

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Unlimited playgrounds

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Unlimited assets

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Frequently asked Questions

How does Playground123 ensure compliance with Australian Standards?

Asset owners have definitely experienced situations where you request an inspection of playground equipment and still have questions about whether it complies with Australian Playground Standards. The mission of Playground123 is to make equipment inspections transparent and easy-going. 

Our playground inspection software has studied all the Australian Playground Standards and added all the equipment and surface types with relevant specifications to the system. With Playground123, auditors and inspectors will fill in the inspection form with relevant-only fields created in conformity with Australian legal requirements.

How can 3rd parties receive access to the playground profile?

Revolutionary playground safety inspection software makes things as easy as 123 at Playground123, so independent or external auditors can only access your organisation’s assets. Just imagine having every asset on your phone ready to audit multiple playgrounds for a client. If you are the client, we charge a small fee to open up this sharing to allow you to install access to your partners for playground inspection services, any urgent remedial work will be notified in real-time, and you can monitor the progress of the auditor.

Does Playground123’s pricing change depending on the number of assets?

Our playground inspection software offers 3 pricing plans varying by the size of the enterprise and the number of its assets. 

With the “Small Enterprise” plan, you automatically get 20 assets (av. 2 playgrounds) to audit. If you want to increase the number of assets, upgrade your plan at the touch of a button to keep doing as many audits as you like. 

For managing up to 50 assets, use the “Medium Enterprise” plan that will certainly cover around 4-5 playgrounds.

If you need more than 100 assets or 15 playgrounds, we offer a plan called "Large Enterprise". Moreover, you can always contact us directly so we can work with you to get the best outcome for you.